Federal Candidates

Bob Hugin
for U.S. Senate

Seth Grossman
for U.S. Congress (D2)

Paul Dilks
for U.S. Congress (D1)

Gloucester County Candidates

Mayor George W. Shivery, Jr

Surrogate Gloucester County


Jonathan Sammons

Sheriff Candidate for Gloucester County


Municipal Candidates

Washington Township

Richard A. Super

for Council

Susan Pacewic

for Council

Vincent Spinelli

for Council


Monroe Township

Bill Gilson

for Mayor

Bill Blong, Janet Schaeffer, and Joe Sheridan

Council at Large


Harrison Township

Ed Selb and David Schulze

for Township Committee 



Elk Township

Donna Nicholson, Ed Poisker, and Tom Hollywood

Township Committee


Woolwich Township

Beth Sawyer and Craig Frederick

Township Committee