Welcome to the Gloucester County GOP. As the newly elected Chair of the Gloucester County GOP I am looking forward to this election season. We have a great Senate Candidate in Bob Hugin. It is exciting to see his campaign taking this State by storm, just like a Marine. We are excited I look forward to serving our constituency along with the County GOP Executive Committee. We are looking forward to having events, meet and greets and happy hours to introduce you to the NJ GOP slate of federal, and local candidates. We look forward to your support for our County Candidates, Rose Marie Yerka and Diane King for Freeholder and Jonathan Sammons for Sheriff.

It really is an exciting time to be a Republican. Never in the history of our great nation has there been such active, interesting and, on many days, challenging political discourse. Have you noticed that everyone has an opinion on politics these days? I grew up in a time when political discussion was reserved for adults on Election Day or (showing my age here) while watching the Watergate proceedings! The world is different now and, for better or worse, we have Twitter, social media, new apps and 24 hour TV news that includes a rolling newsflash at the bottom of the screen for even more news. But while it is information overload at times, it is also empowering to have all of the information at our fingertips. It is empowering because the information is all around us and, while we may choose our favorite news outlet, we cannot help but be aware of contrary opinions. I firmly believe that the point and counterpoint of politics fosters critical thinking and enables us to be better candidates, leaders and citizens. I hope that this political dialogue serves to make more citizens choose to exercise their vote and support candidates that will put New Jersey first and not sacrifice our fine state for their own personal gain. Candidates like Bob Hugin are New Jersey’s future. Please check back on our page frequently, we will be posting about Bob’s events and local events where you can come and show your support for these fine candidates.

Jacci Vigilante

  1. Maryann Dogostino says:

    Delighted to vote for Bob Hugin in the June Primary as a formidable opponent to Senator Menendez. Unfortunately, several weeks later it was learned that he supports abortion rights and same sex marriage and I will not support him in the general election in November. This is obvious “bait and switch” – promote the military background to secure the nomination then go to the leftist ideology! The Republican party in New Jersey is famous for shooting itself in the foot and has obviously learned nothing from the success of President Trump. Disappointed once again! I’ll be voting for a write-in candidate in November.

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