Welcome to 2019. I am not sorry to wave goodbye to 2018.  While it was a year that brought promise and hope, with new GOP leadership and exciting federal and state candidates, November came and dashed our hopes.  But November did not dash our spirit! I am excited to start a new year with opportunities for electing Republicans in all three legislative districts that crisscross Gloucester County.  As we look forward to 2019, the GOP leadership will be hard at work to find candidates in Legislative District 3 which includes the municipalities of Clayton, East Greenwich Township, Elk Township, Franklin Township, Glassboro, Greenwich Township, Logan Township, National Park, Newfield, Paulsboro, South Harrison Township, Swedesboro, West Deptford Township, Woodbury Heights and Woolwich Township. We will work with our County GOP neighbors to the south in Salem and Cumberland to vet and select candidates.  We will also be working with our friends in Camden County to fill the seats in Legislative District 4 which includes the Gloucester County Municipalities of Monroe Pitman, Washington and LD 5 which includes Deptford, Harrison, Mantua, Wenonah, Woodbury.  We are forging strong relationships with the other County organizations to create a coalition that those of us on South Jersey can rely on to protect our unique interests.

As we start the new year, I have planned a number of initiatives to grow our party.  Our expanding leadership team is meeting to create a strategic plan so that we can build upon what we have started in 2018 – so that we can work together to find and support great candidates and win elections.  In addition to meeting with our stakeholders, we will be meeting with Republicans throughout the County to establish Republican Clubs in each of the dozen or so towns where there currently in none and to fortify those that exist.  This is our year to fill every Republican county committee seat to create the depth we need. If you are reading this you are one of us and we need you, please email me so that we can find your fit in this organization.  As we all saw in November, unless each one of us gets out to support the Republican candidate, we will continue to be stuck with the kind of Democrats who won election and reelection in 2018.  It is our lesson to learn.

As we approach our second annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner on March 15, be reminded of the words of our great Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who said  “Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.”  Let’s commit to not repeat the defeats of 2018 and transform the promise of what we have started in Gloucester County into reality.    

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