? Every registered voter will receive their ballot by early October- ballots are to be mailed out October 5th. A Vote by Mail Ballot is the same as an Absentee Ballot.
Once you receive your ballot, follow the instructions carefully and complete your ballot with black ink immediately. Vote COLUMN A down ballot for every office: From DONALD TRUMP for President to your Republican Candidates for local office.
✉️ Once your ballot is completed, return it immediately! Please DO NOT WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER 3RD TO VOTE! Voting the day of election at your polling place is considered a PROVISIONAL BALLOT & WILL NOT BE COUNTED UNTIL MUCH LATER!
You have 3 Options: 1) Take your competed ballot to the Board of Elections located at 550 Grove Rd in Paulsboro. 2) Put a first-class stamp on the return envelope and bring it to the post office and hand it to the Postal worker. 3) Drop the ballot in one of the Drop Boxes that are listed below:

? Once your ballot is mailed or dropped off you may track its receipt by registering an NJ Voter Information System account (, or checking the County Clerk’s Vote-By-Mail List (, or calling the Board of Elections at 856-384-4500.
? If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Gloucester County GOP at, come by our Headquarters 7 days a week from 12pm – 7pm located at 5501 RT 42 Turnersville, NJ or call 540-760-9623
➡️ Please share this information with others!
?? Every Vote Counts- Let’s make ours bring home a wind for President Trump and NJ!