Whether we like it or not, almost every person who votes in the upcoming election in New Jersey will vote by paper ballot: either a vote by mail ballot which you will receive in the mail, whether or not you requested it, or by a provisional ballot at a polling location on Election Day, (which, in most instances, will not be your usual polling location). Only a very few number of individuals, who are disabled voters who cannot vote by paper ballot, (for example, they are blind or are physically unable to complete a paper ballot unassisted), will be able to vote on an actual adapted voting machine.

When voting on a voting machine, as most of us usually do, there is no issue about your vote being accepted and counted. However, with paper ballots, if you don’t properly follow all the requirements, your vote could be voided and not counted for any number of reasons. It is important that every Republican and Republican leaning voter properly complete and turn in their ballot, so that their ballot gets counted and not voided!

If you feel this information and instructions are worthwhile, please forward them to all other Republican and Republican leaning voters you know in Gloucester County. We don’t want to lose any Republican votes due to mistakes or failure to follow the proper procedures. Over the years, we have won (and lost) many elections by less than 100 votes and sometimes by only a single vote. Every Republican vote is important!

What do you need to do to properly complete your ballot?

1. Make sure you read and carefully follow the instructions on the vote by mail package you receive. (or if you go to the polling place on Election Day, on the provisional ballot package you will receive from the poll clerks).

2. Don’t write or put any other marks on the ballot itself – other than filling in the oval next to each Republican candidate. Any other markings may render your ballot a “marked ballot” which will be voided and not counted. That means you should not write anything on the ballot, should not sign the ballot itself and, if you make a mistake, you should not cross it out and initial it. If you make a mistake on your ballot, you can get a replacement ballot from the County Clerk, or, if that is not possible, you can go to your assigned polling place on Election Day and vote by provisional ballot.

3. After you properly fill in the ovals on your paper ballot, place in in the inner envelope, seal the inner envelope, and complete the flap on the inner envelope. On the flap, sign your name on the line where it says: “Sign Name Here”, just as you signed your name when you registered to vote. Do not print your name! You must sign the envelope yourself, even if you need to have someone, (such as a family member or someone else, but in no event a candidate in the election), physically help you complete the ballot process. If someone does assist you, make sure that they sign and print their name and address on the portion of the flap which the ballot assistor is directed to complete.

4. Place the sealed inner envelope, which contains your completed ballot with the completed, signed flap still attached, in the outer envelope.

5. If someone, other than yourself, is going to deliver or mail your completed ballot for you, (technically called a “Bearer”), the Bearer must sign the outer envelope and print his or her name and address. A candidate may not be a Bearer, and a Bearer may not handle or return more than three other completed ballots, (other than his or her own). (There is a brand-new exception if there are more family members living at the same address, but I wouldn’t take the chance and have the extra returned ballots received but then be voided and not counted.)

6. Return the ballot back as soon as possible after you receive it!

7. Return your ballot using one of the following methods. There are several different ways you can return your ballot but our preference is that you hand deliver it to the Gloucester County Board of Elections at 550 Grove Road in West Deptford (this location shows up as Paulsboro, NJ on some GPS systems).

If you can’t drive it to the Board of Elections then place it in one of the secure Ballot drop boxes located throughout the County (locations appear at the bottom of this letter). The ballots in the drop boxes will be picked up by Sheriff’s Officers once or twice daily and returned directly to the Board of Elections.

You can also mail your ballot – if you do so, we recommend you put a stamp on the envelope, so the Post Office must postmark the ballot and then the Board of Elections has proof that you sent the ballot back in time. Getting the completed ballot back as soon as possible is important so that Republican campaign workers will know your ballot has already been voted, and they can then concentrate their efforts on getting the other Republicans or Republican leaning voters to get back their ballots, rather than spending their time contacting Republicans who have already voted. If your ballot is postmarked on or before Election Day, if it is received in the mail by the Board of Elections by November 10, and it was properly completed, it will be counted.

Finally, you may bring your ballot to your polling location. If you do so, you may not use a bearer, and must do so yourself. You will be required to prove your identity to the poll worker, so please bring picture ID with you.

8. If you lose or accidentally throw out your ballot, you may request a replacement or vote provisionally on Election Day. Please note if you must vote provisionally, you may not be voting at you regular polling location. Check here for a list of polling locations in your town.
Except where you have spoiled, lost, or made a mistake on the vote by mail ballot sent to you, I personally recommend that you do not choose this option. First, the provisional ballots must be transferred more times before they get to the Board of Elections office than if you used a drop box or one of the other methods. Second, it also means that the Republican campaign workers will have to leave you on their not returned ballot list and spend time possibly contacting you instead of contacting other Republican and Republican leaning voters. Third, counting of provisional ballots will happen weeks to a month after the election.

The deadline to register to vote for the upcoming general election is Tuesday, October 13th. Make sure that every republican and republican leaning voter is registered. Registration can be done on line at https://voter.Svrs.Nj.Gov/register registration can also be completed using a paper VOTER REGISTRATION FORM. We have voter registration forms at the county headquarters located at 5501 Rt. 42 Turnersville, NJ. The hours: 12-7pm daily

It is very important that every Republican and Republican leaning voter is registered to vote by the Tuesday, October 13th deadline so he or she can vote in the general election to re-elect President Trump and elect all our other Republican Candidates.

Don’t delay! If you know someone who would support the Republican candidates if they were registered to vote, make sure you help them get registered by October 13th.


October 6 (Tuesday) –Deadline by which the County Clerk is to mail out Vote By Mail Ballots to every active voter. (Changed by Governor’s Executive Order #177 from September 19th, which was 45 days before General Election Day to 29 days before General Election Day.)

October 13 (Tuesday) – Last day to register to vote in the General Election.

October 20 (Tuesday) – Deadline for filing for Election Day challengers for the General Election, with the Board of Elections (550 GROVE ROAD WEST DEPTFORD, NJ.)

October 23 (Friday) – Last day for Vote By Mail Ballots applications to be received by the County Clerk by mail in order to vote in General Election. (Governor’s Executive Order #177 provides for this deadline, but since actual ballots are to be mailed to every active voter, this does not appear to be applicable except for inactive voters.)

November 3 (Tuesday – Election Day) – Last day to apply for a Vote By Mail Ballots in person (or by authorized messenger) at the County Clerk’s office in order to vote in the General Election. (Pursuant to Governor’s Executive Order #177, the deadline of November 2nd at 3:00 pm, has been suspended so, presumably, a voter who did not receive a vote by mail ballot, as all active voters are supposed to under the executive order, can apply for, and obtain a vote by mail ballot up to, and on, Election Day.)

November 3 (Tuesday) – General Election

November 10 (Tuesday) – the last day that ballots postmarked by November 3 can be received and accepted by the Board of Elections.