March 5, 2021, 11:02 am

GCGOP Chairwoman Vigilante And CCGOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino Announce LD4 Candidates

Pakradooni for Senate, Kline and Gonzalez for Assembly

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Gloucester County GOP Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante and Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino announced candidates in the Fourth Legislative District today. Steve Pakradooni is running for state Senate while Patricia Kline and Denise Gonzalez are running for Assembly.

The county chairs remarked, “We are proud to place Steve Pakradooni, Patricia  Kline and Denise Gonzalez in our county lines with gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli. No question, when elected, the three will help Jack fix New Jersey.”

Steve Pakradooni, a Small Business Owner for over 30 years, said, “The coronavirus pandemic has hit the fourth legislative district hard thanks to Governor Murphy ruling by emergency executive orders. The people of this district deserve legislators who are willing to push-back on these executive orders and force candid debate in the Legislature to determine what is best for our region. Patricia Kline, Denise Gonzalez and I will be the advocates our region needs.”

Patricia Kline, an Adjunct Professor and Marketing Consultant, added “To help fix New Jersey we must make our state affordable for all, especially our seniors. Sitting back and allowing the Governor to rule by executive order without debate in the Legislature does nothing to help the hardworking people of our district. As an educator I know another key to fixing our state is providing a quality education for all children and the best way to achieve that is to get our children back in their classrooms full time.”

“As a proud Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Marine Corps I will serve with the same honor and dignity in the state Assembly as I did in the Marines,” Denise Gonzalez, a card-carrying member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 351, said. “As a founder and treasurer of New Jersey Medical Freedom Advocates, I have a passion for parent, child and family advocacy, something greatly needed in our state Legislature. Together, with Steve and Patricia, we make a team that will represent the interests of the majority of the residents of the fourth legislative district and as new members of the Legislature we will help our next Governor, Jack Ciattarelli, fix New Jersey.”


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