Welcome to the Gloucester County Republican Party

The Gloucester County Republican Executive Committee invites you to join our growing organization. We exist to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for Gloucester County Republicans to learn more about local issues, to become involved with the political process, and to help support Republican candidates and elected officials.

Whether you are able to join as a County Committee person in your town, assist in the election process, or run for office, your participation in the Gloucester county republican party is needed now!

Gloucester County Republican Women’s Caucus

Mission Statement

The objectives of this Gloucester County Republican Women’s Caucus shall be : to advocate, promote and maintain the principles of Republicanism as enunciated by the Republican Party; to direct and interest in politics those women who have heretofore been indifferent to their political duties; to teach the purpose and value of political parties and the relationship of party to government; to guard and defend the purity of the ballot box; to promote and support the cause of Republican women in government; to perform such other works as may best conserve the interests of women in the Republican Party; to promote, support, and maintain good relationships with Republican women owned businesses and Republican women entrepreneurs and those who serve in professions such as law, medicine, and banking.

Chairperson Jacci Vigilante